Bayou Moon Chapter 9

     “The death toll in the tiny town of Lockett rose to six after the recovery earlier tonight of the body of nineteen year old Roger Bass. Bass’s body was discovered in Black Sulphur Bayou by a local fisherman just minutes before police were to launch a massive search. Meanwhile, police search for clues to... Continue Reading →

Adam Rants #18

Cupid’s arrows are flying. The price of roses just went up fifty percent, adorable stuffed animals crowd the aisles, and red heart filled with chocolaty goodness abound. Lovers crowd into their favorite restaurants while singles sit at bars hoping modern country music has it right and “the one” will come strolling in. So many romantic... Continue Reading →

Know Jack #139 Speaking in Memes

Willful ignorance is an evil no one can afford to harbor. It rots the mind, dulls the heart, and rolls from the tongue to the discredit of all. I have found through experimentation that when applying a concept or principle to humans that the qualifiers “always” and “never” should be avoided. I am not issuing... Continue Reading →

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