Chatter #223 Gift of Christmas

The Gift of Christmas

‭ “‬For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,‭ ‬which thou hast prepared before the face of all people‭; ‬a light to lighten the Gentiles,‭ ‬and the glory of thy people Israel.‭”

 Christmas is a celebration of love and mercy.‭ ‬A child born on a long‭ ‬forgotten date,‭ ‬in the stable of an obscure village,‭ ‬in a land despised by all her neighbors,‭ ‬lives to personify the love of God.‭ ‬He does not live in some mystical spiritual sense.‭ ‬Our eyes still behold Him.‭ ‬We see Him mercifully reconciling us to God.‭  

 Christmas is a celebration of goodness.‭ ‬We are good and faithful sons of God,‭ ‬so proclaimed by God Himself.‭ ‬The goodness of the living Christ-child is daily transforming the creature we have become back into the likeness and image of a good God.‭ ‬Christmas calls us to remember the goodness hiding within us.

‭ ‬Christmas is a celebration of peace.‭ ‬Though the world around us rages‭; ‬though we are despised by the world‭; ‬though weak in faith,‭ ‬yet we have peace with God.‭ ‬A peace that passes all understanding is the gift of God that abides in the Christ.

‭ ‬Christmas is a celebration of light.‭ “‬In him was life‭, and the life was the light of men.‭” ‬Christ is the gift of light to darkened hearts.‭ ‬In Him we see and the vision drives us to Him.‭ ‬In looking at Christ we see God.

‭ ‬Christmas is a celebration of life.‭ ‬Christmas is an invitation to the life of God,‭ ‬not for a day or a month or a year,‭ ‬but for all time.‭ ‬We are invited to share the eternal life of God and be fed by the fruit of His Spirit.‭

 Christmas is a celebration of joy.‭ ‬In the presence of Christ,‭ ‬there is fullness of joy.‭ ‬He was anointed with the oil of gladness that never runs dry ‭ ‬but supplies all the house.‭ ‬Look up to the star shining brightly over the manger and rejoice with glad tidings of great joy.

‭ “‬For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour,‭ ‬which is Christ the Lord.‭”

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