Chatter #228 My Goodness

 “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God...”

 The Greek word translated here as “sin” means to miss the mark. The idea is of an archer who has notched his arrow, drawn his bow, shot, and missed the target. The intended target in this context is the righteousness or goodness of God. “Good” people the world over, throughout all time, have stepped up and taken their best shot. While there have been some excellent shots, no one has hit the mark yet.

 Perhaps you consider yourself an excellent archer. You may be the best there’s ever been. Congratulations, on being so “good” you outshine every other archer. You have much to boast about, but not before God. The best of man’s righteousness is as filthy rags in the sight of God. You are not good enough to be equal to God. I do not say is the decision of the one who will judge the quick and the dead.

 Your arrow may not be stuck in dreadful sins like murder, rape, or hypocrisy. Here’s the thing...that arrow went somewhere besides the bullseye. Perhaps it hit uncharitableness, perhaps unkindness, or perhaps, it struck a feeling of superiority...a sense of pride in how “good” you are. These sins are as deadly as any of the others.

 The enemy of your soul does not care to transform you into a vile demon. He prefers you be someone who is satisfied with being good enough all on your own. He would lull you to sleep in your being a “good” person and let you wake at the judgment of God.

 Let us disabuse ourselves of the notion that we are good. Mankind is a race of rebels who chafe at the goodness of God. Christ’s sinless life didn’t just hit the target. He is the target. He offers to share His life...don’t be too “good” to accept His offer. 

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