Know Jack #2

Know Jack #2

Happy Birthday to my grandson, Bryan LaFountain on May 30th. We celebrated together yesterday at Whitewater Bay in Oklahoma City. Swimming holes ain’t what they used to be that’s for sure. They have all kinds of fancy gadgets and slides…you’d think they could have tied a rope swing up somewhere amongst all that hardware.

In case you are wondering that SPF 50 stuff works. The caveat is that it only works on the spots where you put it or it doesn’t wash away. I have some interesting shaped red body art today. Out damned spot! The good news is my legs are as bright white as ever.

I am working this morning on Chapter 2 of the sequel to the yet unpublished, Trails of Trouble, that is in the hands of Tiwaz Press being readied for publication. That will happen sometime this summer if all continues to progress as rapidly as it has so far.

Bryan provided the inspiration for the novel. He has always lived on the edge by acting like his grandfather even making the appropriate moans and groans when moving around. He was probably in fourth grade at the time and wrote a story about a prince and evil darkness. It ended up on my desk. I read the story and thought, “This is good, it fits with a single scene that’s been rolling around in my head.” The story quit rolling around and began to find its way to the pages of a novel.

If the publisher agrees, Bryan’s inspirational piece will appear in the book alongside my take on it. As for his request for a share of the profits? What do y’all think?

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