Know Jack #3

How is it that now that I’m retired I work every day? The best answer I can come up with is that a lot of what I do as a writer doesn’t seem like work. I know it’s true because I’ve had people call it my “play” time. I admit that writing is sometimes for fun than anything I do for play. It is also a lot of work if you are doing it right. When and if I ever master getting words together on paper that make sense, then all I need to do is learn marketing, webpage design, and maintenance, organizing computer files, editing, sales, schmoozing publishers, time travel and interdimensional shifting of realities.

And writers don’t just write. They are readers too. Does anyone think finding the time to read is easy? It takes discipline. Time to read, pray, and meditate doesn’t just appear…you have to carve it out of the twenty-four hours a day limit. Unless you have someone to cook, clean and do laundry for you, there’s that too.

So, writing seven days a week is a choice I make over and over again every morning. Is it worth it?

When I was an actual show up for work nurse, there we some very long stretches of time when all I did was deal with sick and hurting people…not the most sociable kind of people. Occasionally though, someone said “thank you”, or I made someone feel better, or actually helped to save a life. Those rare moments made all the rest worthwhile…they were better than a paycheck, but harder to spend.

Writing is a lot like that. Hours, days, and years typing away while those watching just don’t get it. Then, a book is delivered to your door. It has your name on it…and, yeah, it’s worth it. And oh, my God, you get a nice review and you’re in heaven.

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