Know Jack #5

On the road early this morning to het back to Oklahoma. In keeping with the regional Noah’s ark theme that began last month, I ran into the weather phenomenon known as a Texas Toad Strangler. Forget the windshield wipers…you can’t set them fast enough. The rain is so intense even Texas drivers slow down…a little.

Watched my grandson, Nikolas, graduate last night. There were lots of speeches in the course of getting everyone graduated, but have to say I enjoyed the remarks of the School Superintendent. The told the graduates that they were not being given anything last night…they had earned it. He went on to say that was the rule of life, nothing is free and success is earned. Rare words in today’s educational world.

With a late start, I’m back to work on the current novels in progress. One is love, one war, and sometimes they get confused. Which is also a lot like life. Life’s a battle that’s only won by letting love fight it. Nevertheless, a whole lot of gear changing goes into shifting from one to the other. Why two at once? Because there’s a line backed up waiting for a shot.

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