Know Jack #6

Writing today has been a struggle.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing…it just is. It happens to teach you to work through the tough times and that you can still be creative even though the sun is not shining brightly. So, the writing crawls ahead instead of races.

I’ve been working this morning on Roads of Battle the sequel to my upcoming novel Trails of Trouble. Any Bob Dylan fans out there that care to guess the title of the third book? Trails may be out this summer. At the moment it is in the capable hands of my editor. Meanwhile, Roads sits in from of me taunting me.

It is a beautiful spring day in southwest Oklahoma. The sun is shining, not a cloud around…except, that is, the cloud of insects dancing outside my window. I bet they are waiting to help me mow the lawn. Insects love me, you know. As soon as I go out the door, there they are to greet me.

I tried to make Death Rides the Red available on Google Books today. The results are still up in the air. I know the text went through, but not so sure about the cover. It is an ebook version. So, you paperback fans get it on Amazon. I think one free paperback is still available to a random buyer.

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