Know Jack #8

Today was a very good writing day as well as a difficult one. I am currently involved in a novel that doesn’t have a title yet. I just call it the castle story although it has nothing really to do with castles other than it is sent in a castle on the rocky coast of France before the Revolution. It is actually more of a love story or more precisely a love gone wrong story.

The great difficulty for me is that it is written from a woman’s point of view. To that end, I was doing some research this evening. I watched the Jane Austen Book Club. Watching the movie did more to reinforce my opinion that I know nothing at all about women than assist with advancing my writing point of view. But, like a real man, undeterred by my failure to understand women I am enthusiastically pressing on with the novel. God help me the next chapter is the wedding night. I’ve heard some romance writers say wine helps in situations like this.

I might as well confess now that I have been cheating a bit. I have run some scenes by women for feedback. I know, I know, no guts, no glory. What can I say? Well, I can say this I am very pleased with the book so far and intend to surprise everyone with it.

Strangely enough Roads, the sequel to Trails Of Trouble has sat idly by the last couple of days. I am in the midst of writing a battle scene, something I am very comfortable doing, and yet it sits waiting. I thought D Day would move me to pick up the pace there, but so far, no luck.

On a side note, I am trying out different graphics for this blog. So far, I’ve used the Real Thing, an actual picture of my mug, Dore’s version of the protagonist from the Raven in a couple of shades, the Jack o” Lantern, and the Dragon. Today I’m going with an old friend Pepe Le Pew. I’d appreciate any feedback on which y’all think I should stick with.

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