Know Jack #11

This weekend has been a weird experiment in how far I’m willing to let writing push me. I spent a day hemming, hawing staring at the blinking cursor before I could actually write anything. My new novel demanded a wedding night scene. No scene, no plot movement, the story was going nowhere. Now, it’s done. I blushed every time I had to make corrections.

Sorry, no previews…you have to buy the book to get this out of me. If and when it sees print, I have the feeling it may be a little like the dreams people talk about where they are naked in a public place. I guess I don’t need to tell you this book in not like anything I have done before. But, I love the story brewing in my head. If I can carry it off, it might be the best story I have ever written.

In that vein, I wish to thank Microsoft and publishers everywhere for the infuriating program mistakenly called Word…it should be Cuss. When it’s not responding, it can’t find the path to that file, or fails to upload changes. Here’s the deal from here on, I will send files in Word…I will write them with Office Libre or ABI word. I’m done with Word. I can’t afford to use it…putting my fist through one monitor was lesson enough.

Okay let’s see, so far we have sex and the loosing of suppressed anger. Where shall we go next? Let’s switch to unbridled hope and joy! And Come Out Fighting: Tales of Guts and Glory is scheduled to launch in two days. Amazon is already taking pre-orders. I haven’t yet read the other six stories, but I have high praise for the four by my favorite author. Yet, I say with confidence, it will be money well spent. So, get out there and get your copy.

As sort of public service announcement, ladies…maybe gents too, get some tissue before reading Requiem. There have been reports of tears.

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