Know Jack # 14

Due to a glitch at the publisher only the ebook version of And Come Out Fighting: Tales of Guts and Glory is available right now. The problem has been solved, but in accord with Amazon procedures, the paperback version and cover photo won’t appear for a couple of days. If you are thinking of buying a copy (and who isn’t?), I recommend that if you search using my name or Tiwaz Press. Amazon’s search feature is a bit bias and has trouble searching for entire titles. By the time you click through all the books with the word “fighting” in the title you will be exhausted.

To help you get around this altogether I will post a link to the page on my website, on Facebook and here on the blog. Trust me on this, I will be keeping and eye on Amazon for the page to appear. As long as I am giving Amazon a mention here, I am going to do a little promotion of my own. Do you know about Amazon Smile? Amazon Smile donates money to a charity you name with every purchase you make. It’s not much, but I’m sure your favorite charity would appreciate it. It doesn’t cost you anything to do and signing up is free.

I donate to Journey Home Rescue They rescue dogs in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. They are a wonderful group doing great work. Those of you who have followed my blog a while may remember Hope and her seven puppies that I was privileged to help foster. Hope was destined to be euthanized because she was pregnant and the shelter had no room. Journey Home rescued her. She and seven very active, enthusiastic puppies arrived at our house seven weeks later. The puppies were adopted by awesome families. If you don’t have a charity in mind, the people at Journey Home will put your donations to good use.

However, there is something far greater than money that every animal rescue needs…your time and your heart. Animal rescue is one of those blessings that comes with heartbreak and triumph, tears and joy, and the chance to give to creatures who will return the love you invest a thousand times over. If you want feel good moments, volunteer at a rescue or shelter.

Better yet, consider becoming a foster. Rescues pay any medical bills for the animal, help with food and look for placement for you. You get an animal who loves you. The investment is small, the return is huge. Be warned…you on your own when it comes to showering your pup with toys.

So, buy my book, give to charity, live long and foster.

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