Know Jack #16

Words are amazing. The Bible says that God used the spoken word to create the universe and I believe it. What I find truly inspiring is that He then invested the same power in mankind. We are creative beings and come equipped with the power to build worlds. Writers use words. Others use a brush, a musical instrument, a hammer, a plow…there is something inside every one of us that we may use to create. It is part of who and what we are.

If the world is full of war, famine, pestilence and death, it is because that is the world we have chosen to create. Nobody makes us do it. The world we live in is the product of human imagination and creation. So is paradise. The tools for a free world governed by divine guidance, free of war, pollution, hunger, and cruelty are in us. Many of people, ignore the gift that is within, or we say, “I’m only one person,” and give up without trying. Far too many of us are looking for our neighbor to create paradise for us.

It is up to each one to create a new world within the boundary of what he can do. We already possess the ability to create that world. It is the gift of God to every man. What remains is for men to believe and begin to speak it, first to themselves and then to the world.

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