Know Jack #22

In the never-ending quest to know jack, I feel it is important to know from the start that this Jack is a white nationalist. Oh, the horror! A brief look at me is all that’s needed to confirm this grim fact. 

Yesterday, I took my grandson, Bryan, to the city pool. The shining white legs extending from beneath my swimsuit are proof positive that I am white…damn am I white. I endorse white pride, but not supremacy and feel no need to defend that position. I think people who are offended by my whiteness have an equal right to go…ah, perform sexual acts with themselves, regardless of their race, creed, national origin, and religious or cultural beliefs.  

It’s a bit harder to discern that I am a flag-waving nationalist. But, only marginally more difficult. By definition, a nationalist possesses a feeling of loyalty and pride in their country often with the belief that their country is better than other countries. If you haven’t figured this out about me from my blog, let me clear things up…I am a nationalist. America great and America first.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe the US is always correct, fair or in the right. I mean we elected Bill Clinton, did we not?  The United States is not perfect by any means. Nevertheless, it is the best country in the world. Proof of that lies in the fact that I am free to exchange my citizenship here with any other country that I feel is better…and here I happily sit, unlike people in Hollywood who only claim they will move and won’t. Granted another country may not want me. I take this is as proof of how wrong that country is.

A great many people I know go wrong by ignoring the admonition to love their neighbor as themselves. Before you can love your neighbor, you must love yourself. Before you can forgive your neighbor, you must forgive yourself. Before you can live and let live, you must live. I grant myself the right to accept myself as I am and continually strive to be better…so, guess what I leave you to do the same.

There’s a good chance Facebook will delete this and jail me for defending white nationalism…at least, that is their stated standard and they don’t give a bowel movement what the words actually mean. Their mind is made up, the way woke folks do. I call it narrow-minded intolerance, but what do I know? 

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