Know Jack #27

A few years ago I posted the chapters of a book I was writing as they were being written. The story played out over sixty weeks. I really enjoyed the experience and the reactions of the readers along the way. By the way, the finished novel, Trails of Trouble will be published soon by Tiwaz Press. The best estimate I have is sometime this summer. The story went through several revisions, edits, and rewrites to reach its present state. 

However, I didn’t mention that because I like to publicize my work. I do, but that’s not the object here. A couple of days ago I posted some pictures on my Facebook page without comment and definitely detached from my usual inane stuff. Although I meant to I didn’t explain why I posted these. There is a method to the madness. I have now engaged in yet another novel and these pictures are little flashes of what I am writing about on a given day. The images so far were of a veiled woman dressed in black, a mist-shrouded cemetery, and adjacent chapel. I will be mentioning the story here as we go so I thought some tiny peeks for the faithful were in order. I am about a third of the way to completing the first draft so stay tuned. I will mark the clue posts accordingly from now on.

Meanwhile, everyone have a day filled with wonder. You are God’s special creation made in His likeness and image. You can do great things just by being the best you possible…. be the you imagine yourself to be. The possibilities are endless.

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