Know Jack #28

Who would have thought that retirement was so busy? Not me. I had those pictures of sitting in a chair sipping lemonade watching the grass grow. Everyone told me that wouldn’t last long and    I’d be wanting to go back to work. They were half right. It’s not that I’ve lost a taste for lemonade. However, I was met by near-constant rain with just enough breaks to make the grass grow like one of those nature shows time-lapse shots.

I think that is behind me now. It’s what’s in front of me that concerns me now. I have two novels I’m trying to write at the same time, two more waiting for editing and revision, and three begging me to hurry up and get to them. I’ll tell you this is really messing with my time doing nothing on Facebook for hours at a time, reading the books I have lined up, and looking for waterfalls in which to…well, never mind about that. There are also a couple of online courses I’m taking in my spare time.

I hoped today to announce that And Come Out Fighting: Tales of Guts and Glory was ready in paperback. Soon friends, soon. The ebook is available on Amazon now.

I have posted to Facebook today’s peeks at the chapter I have written today. Ghost listening at the door, a lost hair comb, and one severely pissed off man. The equation these things produce will make some readers cringe and maybe display a little anger of their own. Don’t kill the messenger. I’m telling this story as it unfolds. Some of these folks are not nice people.

The afternoon’s writing will be better psychologically. It’s just war, running battles and killing. 

Have a blessed day, y’all.  

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