Know Jack #29

For those new to the blog…and, yay! we have some new folks, this little bit of frivolity comes to you most days to aid in your journey. Next time somebody tells you that you don’t know jack, you will be prepared to prove otherwise. 

My current novel in the making has walked me through about 25,000 words of darkness. There’s no real light at the end of the tunnel…that glimmer you see is a mystery, strange happenings parting the gloom. The provisional title is Lady on the Edge. It is my intention to keep her there and get readers to join her at the edge of their seat. I honestly wasn’t trying for a commercial here. It’s simply that feel an emotional connection to the writing and it’s had me on a bit of a roller coaster lately. As a result, the blog has wandered some all over the place.

To help steady things out I am giving some extra time today to the other novel I’m currently working on. Troop movements, tactics, and battle are nice steady subjects. Just watch out if you cut me off in traffic afterward. Okay, kidding about that. I don’t need writing about war to get steamed about that!

While we’re on the subject of creating new worlds, I’d like to remind you that this is not just for writers. There lies in every one of us the ability to create our own new world. Activation of this ability begins with a “what if” idea. Like, what if I want to be happy? What would happy look like? Once you get the picture, the simple belief that you can make it come true is all you need. It doesn’t necessarily begin with a big bang. Usually, it starts with a tiny step, a commitment to oneself. For me, it’s sitting at the computer and beginning to write. It doesn’t really matter if what I’m writing makes sense or connects the dots. If I start and don’t give up, it somehow comes together. You put a chapter on hold…write something else…put that other chapter back in. I did that today. The story is better, it moves toward where I want it to go. Life is like that.

I’m going to say something here that you may not agree with or like…you know that never stops me, right? Mankind was not created to labor…hold on working men and women. I didn’t say we can live without it or that we should live without working. If we did, where would those born in the 21st century get their free stuff? I’m saying we were not created for that…laboring to make a living came about by a curse.

When we see the curse fully lifted, we will resume our roles as creative beings. Christians call this heaven. There’s a bit of heaven available to you right now…grab it and hold on. 

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