Know Jack #30

Returned to the office today after a road trip to the not-so-wilds of Idaho. Don’t get me wrong Idaho has wild places. I just tip-toed around a couple of the edges. Went to the town of Stanley for an awesome look at the Sawtooths and wonder of wonders stumbled on a library book sale. Of course, I brought some home to add to the waiting stack. I even took a picture or two of the mountains.

Spent one night at the Terrance Lake Resort near Crouch in a great condo. They have a geothermally heated pool that was nice…as public pools go but even better was a dip in the Payette. I forget which fork…there are forks all over that place. Snow-melt is a bracing refresher on a hot day. Maybe breathtaking is a more descriptive word for it. Wild daisies were blooming for an evening on the back porch. A few of the neighbors, a doe, a pair of quail, a few squirrels and more birds that I can identify, stopped by to visit.

Tried to make the Starlight Mountain Theatre for the opening night of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but they were sold out…maybe next time. However, I did visit Wild
Bill’s Coffee and Bistro. add a shot of Bailey’s, please. I don’t usually go for such sweet stuff in coffee, but I was on vacation.

The last stop in the mountains was at The Southfork Lodge. Spent the entire evening listening to the band playing on the patio and watching the river run by. We met a father and son from New Hampshire who shared the table. You can meet the nicest people by offering something as simple as a seat.

Which kind of brings me to why I’m sharing this. Before our trip through the mountains, we made a dozen note cards with a positive message inside, addressed them with, “Hey you–yes, you! This is for you! and left them for people to find. We all need to work harder at spreading a good word for each other. Whether it’s a card, a table, or a smile and “hello,” goodwill begets goodwill and we can all use more of that.

We hung out like innocent bystanders for one or two. People thought it was weird to find an anonymous wish for them to be blessed, loved, and surrounded by possibilities…no one turned it down. The greatest difficulty was getting older people to actually pick up the cards even though it said it belonged to them…they had doubts. Today, cast aside any doubts you have and live your best day possible.

Trip pictures later.

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