Know Jack #31

It’s crazy the amount of stuff that can pile up in ten days. I hope everything is finally done and I can get back to writing again. It is dangerous to stay away from a book that has really captured me. If I wander too far all kinds of new ideas jump up clamoring for attention and I hate to tell them no. That happened in part this time. I am covertly writing a little series of positive pep talks for men. I’m waiting to get a few done before springing them on the blog. Men don’t get enough credit…or maybe it’s too much, I’m not sure.

I did pick up some pointers for Lady on the Edge while vacationing and hope to get those changes implemented tomorrow. Then it’s game on again. The book is about 1/3 of the way through the first writing. It’s time for the action to pick up and take getting serious up a notch. More picture clues will appear on Facebook when I start the next chapter.

Roads of Battle has hit a small roadblock…my energy level. I need to pick it up to get things moving on the battlefield again. Bryn Bou has turned a defeat into victory and is about to get some payback. Meanwhile, his father, the general, is about to announce support for the other side. How can I not be writing this right now?

The day is slipping away, so I’m closing here today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we hear the Colonel say, “Boys, we ain’t had this much fun since we dunk Uncle Henry’s head in a bucket of huckleberries.”

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