Know Jack #32

What is life? There are scientists and neurologist that believe it is simply the interaction of chemicals firing across the empty places in our minds producing the illusion of sentience. There are philosophers who would have us believe it is a fleeting breath flown into the vast emptiness of space. Dust in the Wind, so a songwriter tells us. Nothing special a collection of random mistakes resulting in, for many, what seems to be one very large, long mistake.

There are those who say we pass from this life to join the cosmos like a drop of water entering the sea, to be one with everything. But, what of the drop? What good to be one with everything if one is meaningless or lost? I believe every human being is more than that…more than a drop in an endless sea, more than a collection of chemicals that talks, more than an illusion, more than a recycled life. I believe each of us is a unique, hand made, creation worked in the heart and mind of a master artist who works in love.

A divine hand shapes every one of us to a special design held in a mind that never runs out of new ideas. The artist is love, everlasting, unconditional love and we are drawn from that love part and parcel of the artist himself. We are the likeness and the image of the Creator, more than a body, more than a soul, and more than spirit…all three woven into one life as eternal as love itself.

Life is our journey through eternity, taking shapes and forms we cannot even imagine as we journey through a vast Creation, not of empty space, but a living cosmos…a macrocosm teeming with life. Every single, act of love and kindness we do shapes us. We may not be perfect now, perhaps not even good, but an eternity of building with love will take us there. Is there any wonder we call it heaven?  

Do not be discouraged or dismayed by sadness, depression, or pain. These are drops in the ocean of eternity. They pass away forgotten in the vastness of a time that is no more. Set your eyes and affections on eternal things. “And now abide faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

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