Know Jack #33

Yesterday’s blog was a bit heavy. I got locked into the sadness associated with a young man’s death. I didn’t know him, but somehow that didn’t matter because his passing seemed so tragic. That feeling kind of carried over into the workings of today’s chapter of Lady on the Edge. In fact, I had her standing on the edge contemplating whether life was worth living. In case you are wondering about that same thing, let me tell you it is. Whatever obstacle you are facing, whatever pain you bear, life is worth living because you have the power to change your life for the better. Our heroine will find that out.

However, because she’s a character in a book, the next bit of trouble is right around the corner. That’s a writer’s job, you see. We keep throwing our protagonists into the worst trouble we can imagine and then try to rescue them. Wondering how they will escape is what makes you want to read the story. I’m not going to disappoint you there. I’m cooking up the next bit of trouble right now.

In response to your questions, I emailed Tiwaz Press today for word on when the paperback version of And Come Out Fighting; Tales of Guts and Glory will appear. Still waiting for news. For you modern sorts, the ebook version is on Amazon. I’m with you real book readers, I want that print copy and plan on snatching one up as soon as it hits the market because six of the ten stories are by the other authors and I am eager to read them.

Special thanks tonight to all of you who left kind words on the Facebook posts of my trip to Idaho last week. This country of ours is an amazing place filled with so many kinds of beauty. One thing many Americans from back East and foreign visitors don’t realize is how big this country is. That is, until they get out in it and start driving around. Talk about diversity, take a trip from Oklahoma to Idaho. Cotton fields turn to wheat fields, to short grass prairie, to the wall of the snow-capped Rockies, to red rock canyons back to the prairie, to the canyon of the Snake and the peaks of the Sawtooth range. America is an adventure just waiting to happen all it needs is you.

Late word from Tiwaz Press…how did they know I was writing this? They have had some illness and still having some formatting difficulties that need to be resolved. I will keep you updated. 

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