Know Jack #37

Good news! And Come Out Fighting; Tales of Guts and Glory the paperback edition is in the hands of Amazon and will be online within the next 48 hours. I will be keeping an eye out for it and let you know. I am looking forward to reading the stories by the other contributing authors. I don’t mind saying I am particularly fond of my stories in this anthology. Two of them were written just for this book. I think you will really like them.

Those of you who have read Tis the Season know that I like Christmas ghosts. Today, I’ve been reworking a hereunto unpublished ghost story called The Wallet. I’m changing the setting to Christmas time and combining ghosts with a touch of romance. It was a very good little story. I think it’s going to be a killer…what? Long short story, novella, novel? I honestly don’t know at the moment. I know I really got caught up in the story and lost a couple of hours this afternoon. Well, not lost. They are in the story.

It seems ghosts are my immediate future. I haven’t stopped work on Lady on the Edge another ghost story, this one definitely a novel. I think I am about halfway through the first draft on this one. I have been revising as I go, so hopefully, this will minimize editing and rewrites. It is being written from the point of view of three characters, two of whom are women. I need a lot of help with the female viewpoint and receiving excellent help in that area. Names being withheld until it makes it into print. 

I’ve noticed on YouTube over the last few days there are ads appearing for Hillsdale College’s course on the Second World Wars. I just finished the course and it is awesome, in the real sense of the word. Great insights into how the war was fought and the roles of the combatants. The course is without cost online. there are seven lectures in all each about an hour long. They can be taken at any time. Dr. Victor Hanson does a masterful job in presenting six of these. I highly recommend the course for anyone with an interest in history. If writing and literature are for you, there are quite a few no cost course there too. Great Books is a good one.

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