Know Jack #38

It finally happened. And Come Out Fighting; Tales of Guts and Glory is out in paperback. I ordered a copy from Amazon this morning and I am eager to read it. The title of this little blog is Know Jack and, of course, you can know jack without knowing Jack. However, if you would really like to know Jack, read my stories in this book. Writers are imaginative. Imagination is a tool of the trade, but at the same time, every whim of imagination springs from somewhere inside the writer.

I see famous writers saying they don’t know where their stories come from. I’m not sure whose rear the are blowing smoke up, the reader’s or their own. Every idea comes from inside. Now, one need not climb Mt. Everest to write about it because chances are if you did write about it, reaching the summit is not the real story…the human emotion, pain, and struggle is the story. Stories are born when a circumstance, real or imagined, strikes the human condition. The resultant spark is a story waiting to be kindled, nurture and given fuel and oxygen until it burns.

One wonderful thing about writing is that you never know what that circumstance may be. It may be an unrelated casual conversation, a song, a tree, or a blood-sucking mosquito, one just never knows. This phenomenon is not restricted to writers it is simply that we have a proclivity for running with it and eventually, writing it down. I’m not famous…yet, but perhaps famous writers don’t tell where their stories come from because they don’t really want people looking around inside their head. All I can say to that is, if you jump inside this head, hang on tight the rides gets bumpy from here.

Another shout out to the folks at Hillsdale College. Dr. Arn’s course on Aristotle’s Ethics has blown my mind once again. That’s what I needed more rocks rattling around in there.

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