Know Jack #43

The Wallet will be formally sent to a publisher today. The story went through some last-minute changes that made it shine. Can hardly wait to tell somebody, “Yeah, I wrote that.” This story changed me and much about how I write. Don’t worry, I still enamored with ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and the like. The Wallet is at its heart a ghost story. It is also a love story and a story of self-discovery.

I completed Chapter 18 and started Chapter 19 of Lady on the Edge yesterday and will be back to work there shortly. I did stop along the way to the castle this morning for a resurrection of my roots. Those who have been hanging around the blog for a while know the Lost Crusader. He hasn’t really been dead these last few months. He will never die…at least, not until I do. However, rather than continuing to label him as part of the pub chatter at the Raven and Owl,  he’s getting his own by line. I wrote two posts for him this week, but don’t expect more than once a week from here on. 

Some may be asking the question, “Will the Colonel be back too?” The best I can do there is, maybe. I’m just one man and other than frequent flashes of genius, just a regular guy at that. I am going to promise picture clues from Lady on the Edge on Facebook later today. See you there. Oh, and don’t forget to like my page.  

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