Know Jack #44

Dreams are elusive creatures. One moment they seem so solid and real, then as we reach for them, they can go all smoke and mirrors on us. It’s easy to spend a lifetime in pursuit of them and find so little hard evidence of success. Still, I believe dreams are worth chasing even if we never fully catch them. The real value of dreams lies in their pursuit more than in their capture.

Chasing dreams keeps the soul and the spirit engaged in life. It keeps our minds active, our hearts beating, and our bodies moving. The times when dreams slip through our fingers like water teach us to power through disappointments, rethink old strategies, and develop new skills. The little bits of success we snatch along the way become memories to light the dark days, and encouragement to reach higher.

A person is never too old to chase a dream. I believe we get better at it with age. We are more skilled hunters, more creative, and freer to throw caution to the wind. We are also wise enough to know that all the times and people who told us we were wasting our time were wrong. Chasing our dreams is the purpose of life. Building careers and accumulating the trophies of material success are not dreams worthy of mankind. We were made for more than that. We are by design creators of the things we love.

I am a writer, a storyteller, that has been my dream for most of my life. It will continue to be my avocation in the life to come…and what stories I will tell once I am free from the bounds of this world!

Do not make the mistake that all dreams are art, or music or literature. A well crafted wooden box and a perfectly tuned engine are also the things of which dreams are made. Though a million others pursue a dream like the one you choose, your dreams are yours alone and only you can catch them.

 So, get up from there. This blog is done. Get out there and chase a dream. I see some passing by right now.     

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