Know Jack #46

I love it when a plan comes together. I got my passport in the mail today. I expect to be holding the winning Lotto ticket on Saturday night and book my travels Sunday to complete the trifecta. However, if by some odd chance things don’t go as planned, I will be back here blogging on Monday.

I know, it’s only Thursday and I promised a post on Friday…no worries, barring unforeseen tragedy, I will deliver on that promise. Just as I will soon be posting on Facebook today’s hints at the chapter for Lady on the Edge that I just finished. An owl, a white horse running in the moonlight, and an injured woman being carried…good stuff.

I think it was Mark Twain who once postulated that telling the truth negates the need for a good memory. That’s the truth as far as it goes. I find the trouble many people have is keeping straight which truth they are telling. Nowadays not only does everyone have their own truth, but that truth is readily amended to each moment. My editor for The Wallet pointed out to me how I had my protagonist saying his house was haunted and a few paragraphs later saying he didn’t believe in ghosts…confusing I know, but just like people…me included.

People love to stand and declare their supposed virtues only to turn around a few pages of their life later to solicit the very corruption they deplored. I’m sure they don’t even realize they do it. I know they don’t recognize it when someone points it out for them,,.been there, done that. Maybe people are simply consistently inconsistent. 

I think the real truth is that many people don’t hold any firm beliefs…that way they can do no wrong. If I am honest, I suppose there are times I would like to think like that. Which is not to say I never do anything a bit shady. It only means, dammit, I know when I have violated my beliefs and feel pressed to try and set it right, to be the person, that I say I am and the person that I want to be.   

Psychologists would tell me that kind of belief opens the door to feeling guilt…and guilt is bad for us. I wonder though is the secret to overcoming guilt shifting one’s beliefs? Wouldn’t we be better served to have a firm belief system and just refrain from violating it? Guess that’s why I am a writer and not a philosopher.

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