Know Jack #47

Thank God, it’s Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend. I will be traveling to Texas tomorrow morning to see my daughter. As promised, I am posting this and the Sunday pst for the Lost Crusader today. Sorry no, Lady on the Edge clues or pictures today. I took a break of sorts from writing today.

I have been writing most of the day, but not for public consumption. Every now and then I find I need to do a little “private writing.” These are things not meant to be read while I am alive. Private thoughts and feeling that I reserve for myself. Usually, this amounts to no more than an examination of my thoughts, my motivations, and my decision making. Occasionally, it some bit of awkward verse. I am no poet, that’s for sure. Other times I write things I want to say but don’t because the words are too painful either to me or to others. 

Contrary to what some believe, there are not a lot of things that fit into the latter group. By far the most painful things are just for me. Writing them down is my way of expressing the hurt and searching for a way of moving beyond it with a positive outlook restored inside. As you might imagine, this sometimes takes more than one book. I don’t let go of things easily. That can be either good or bad depending on who or what the object might be.

Whatever the case may be, whoever gets their hands on this computer and my password book might be in for a good time. Meanwhile, I’m going to keep now and for posterity. For Duty and Humanity!

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