Know Jack #48

A friend of mine once asked me to name a character in the book I was writing after him. 

“But, don’t kill him,” he said.

I knew he had read some of my stories and reminded him that just because someone dies in my stories doesn’t me they are out of the story. As it turned out, I named to characters after him one for his first name, the other for his last name. Aaron, you’ll have to buy, Trails of Troubles to find out how your namesakes fared.

Like characters, stories themselves have a life all their own. Just when you think you’ve driven a stake through their heart and that’s the end, they come back. Elaine Anderson at Tiwaz Press is my favorite editor, sorry Rodney and Brian. You guys are tops too. Elaine is the vampire’s best friend, pulling out the stakes and turning them loose again. Thankfully, she not swayed by my sharp wit and endless charm and insists my writing be the best I am capable of. My skills as a writer have grown measurably since working with her.

So, today, I have been battling the revived version of The Wallet once more. I hear writers bemoan their relationship with editors. Maybe I’m missing something or it could be I’m simply not as talented as I think I am…no, no way that’s true…I’m missing something. I like it when she says my literary gems are contradictory, inconsistent, or plain old confusing to the reader. The only irritating part about it is that she’s always right. The best part is that she has a rather off-center view of the world that matches mine.

Well, The Wallet goes back to her tonight, if all goes well. Now, to see if I’ve killed the beast at last.  

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