Know Jack #50

I know it’s only August but have started to work on a new story for Christmas. I know, The Wallet is a Christmas story why do I need another one? I love Christmas stories. They are so wide open for a happy ending. The trick is finding something new, a twist of the plot, a surprise ghostly appearance, or a heartbreak made right. I think Dickens had it right, every Christmas needs a ghost or two. This new one I’m calling Frost is going to be something very different from me with some very original and offbeat Christmas characters. 

Unfortunately, today is my last day to work on it for a while. It is also the last day of the blog until sometime next week. Tonight I will be packing up the computer in preparation for the move to Idaho. A day or two ago a friend on Facebook was asking everyone to count up the states they have visited or lived in…I’m at 34. I think the Dakotas are the only ones west of the Mississippi that I have yet to visit. I’m really tempted to see Mt. Rushmore on my way to Idaho.

This is a great country we live in. I think everyone should get out and see it. Many people have no idea just how big it is. It’s one thing to look at a map. It’s quite another to spend days driving and you haven’t crossed Texas yet. The open miles of America are filled with wonders you won’t find on a postcard or in travel magazines, red rock mesas, walls of mountains rising to the sky, the cotton fields white as snow, or a sea of wheat that goes as far as the eye can see. I laugh at folks from the northeast who think folks here envy them.

Come on, get out there. Road trip!  

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