Know Jack #51

Well, the move to Idaho went well. Arrived Sunday afternoon and have unpacked most of my things and the new office setup is about 99% complete. It is going to be nice to get back to writing today. 

During the move, I decided to make a few changes to the blog. The biggest will be a kind to return to the past. I know the past scares the heck out of modern thinkers but used properly, the past has real value. The past, and how we handled it, has made us who we are today. If we are not happy it is not the fault of the past. The fault lies with our perception of both the present and the future. Change your mind and change the world. However, this will not change the past.

Okay, enough philosophy and to the point. I am planning to take the blog back to the original idea of an online pub with many voices. For those old enough to remember Looney Tunes, all those voices are really one guy named Mel Blanc. In this pub, the same thing… only the guy is me. That is unless you want to add a voice and a character. Look for more from the Lost Crusader, Col. Salteen, and new stuff by a guy named Adam LeGuy who thinks men need a voice.

Strangely, this bit of revival owes its comeback to a revolution in my future. Chances are more than a few of you readers are diabetic or, dare I say it and make fun of myself, pre-diabetic? If you are unfamiliar with my thinking on this label, let me share. In my mind pre-diabetic is like pre-pregnant, if you don’t quit f..king around you’re going to lose the “pre.”

I recently watched a documentary called iThrive. Great information for a diabetic like me. It was about one man’s journey of recovery from the grip of diabetes. I recommend it with caution. The series of videos has all the fervor and tone of a tent revival meeting. The presenters are rightfully passionate about their message, but then so are Pentecostal evangelists. Don’t let the tone or thinly disguised commercialism turn you away.

In June of this year, I was taking 22 units of insulin four times a day. Today, I’m taking…zero, no insulin, no metformin. The pants, I was sucking in my gut to get on, now fall off without a belt. I am not dieting. I changed my way of eating. Yes, I am exercising, but not strenuously. I am attacking the cause of insulin resistance that Type II diabetic must fight and the medical community does not address adequately. However, the real impetus for this is something else altogether.

I will not tell you that if I can do it you can. I’m quite sure you have heard that enough. I don’t know if you can do it because the answer lies in you. The question is one that I have often heard doctors ask their patients and preachers ask their congregations. 

“Do you want to live?”

Diabetes is a death sentence, but it doesn’t have to be. You simply just want to live more than you want to continue your current thinking and behavior. It begins within you, with an appreciation of the life you have been given and a desire to live it well. Paul told Christians not to be conformed to the thinking and behavior of the world, but rather be transformed by the renewing of your mind. It is not just a matter of the spirit. It is a whole life transformation.

Neither is it a matter of giving things up. It is a matter of choosing life over death. For years I harbored a quiet death wish and was discreetly killing myself with how I lived. I do not credit myself with a change of mind, that came from above and found me in a place of willingness to listen. 

It is not easy. I won’t kid you about that. But, it is worth it. I promise you that. There’s nothing free in this life. Christians that includes salvation. A tremendous price was paid for you to live life abundantly. Grace is not free though it can be cheap if you give nothing in return. Living a good life will cost you dearly.

I’m closing on that note. I have to get to the novel. My email is if you want more. Of course, you will get more if you follow the blog…keep reading. 

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