No Girls Allowed #1

Greetings from Adam…not that one, but a relative.

For all you boys out there who have, at some point in your life, posted this sign above a fort or clubhouse, this blog is just for you. A moment of silence here for the Boys Scouts of America who went silently into that cold, dark night.

I admit to a bit of animus toward what I see as the deluge of anti-male attitudes that flourish in our society. Boo-hoo over “toxic-masculinity” flood television, posts on social media, and modern conversation. I don’t deny anyone the right to their expression. So, I’m going to give vent to mine and stir up some shit.

Much of what we see and hear is aimed at telling us what a “real man.” Strangely, most of this comes from those without an X chromosome who are quick to say men can’t understand them because we have no vagina. Modern hypocrisy at its best. That is unless “real man” means what a particular woman wants…which it surely does not.

Fortunately, there exists a perfect example of a real man. He is often called the second Adam…or maybe you know him as Jesus. He is called the second Adam because he succeeded where the first failed. No, I don’t mean listening to a woman. I mean living life as a man was created to be.

According to this pattern, a man is not made “real” solely by how he treats women. He becomes “real” by the relationship he establishes with his Creator. If he does this well, he will treat women, and every of human being, as co-holders of Divine life. He will treat them as he would be treated, even if he has never been treated in the same manner a single day in his life.

Being a real man is not easy, nothing worth having ever comes easy. More than that, it does not come naturally. You can be male and grow into manhood and still not be a “real man.” If fact, if you follow what comes naturally, you will utterly fail to be a real man.

In the editions of this blog that follow, I plan on exploring real manhood. Yeah, this thing is going to get toxic as hell. Got my waders on and the shield of faith raised. Press on with pride, men.

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