No Girls Allowed #2

“Then The Lord God said, It is not good for the man to be alone…”

I have heard a number of modern women state that they do not want, or seemingly respect a man, who says that she completes him. The impression I get from this statement is that such a man requires “work” to have a relationship with and that he will always be the weak partner, and thus he is not a “real man.”

If you have ever been around Christians, you have probably heard the old joke that Man was not complete being alone, so God created Woman and then, Man was finished. It is true, but not in the humorous sense intended.

Now, I can’t speak for women. Maybe they can live alone, I don’t think so, but maybe. I know this is not true of men. We were not created that way. However, when we say women make us “complete,” we do not mean, in any sense, that we lack “wholeness.”

“Real men” are first of all…men, whole men. They have developed vision, priorities, character that make them at peace with who they are. Completeness is not to be confused with happiness. A man can be happy alone. In fact, I know of some who are happier alone than they were living with a woman. That is a commentary on neither of them.

Men are protectors and providers. If some fail at this, that does not make it untrue. Men, to be complete, need someone to provide for and protect. Some will find a group, a cause, or a career to fill this need. Some will find a woman and perhaps a family, but we will fill that role. We are made that way and all the detoxification society can find will not change it.

Man was designed to live life in fellowship with others. The prime directive (for you Star Trek fans) of mankind is to develop an expanding fellowship with God. So if we are building a relationship with the Creator, our purpose is fulfilled in one way, but not in another that has eternal consequences. 

God is but the Original breath from which eternity breathes. There are those who believe that when a person dies they are joined to the universe as a drop of water in an endless sea. However, in that scenario what becomes of the drop? 

This is not true in God. God is One existing in three persons, each One distinct, equal, and fully alive. It is to this union that we are drawn, first in this life and in the life beyond. Like a sea with innumerable, unique, living personalities joined in a magical, harmonious union. How can that be? I don’t know, it is beyond the limits of my power to fully comprehend it. That does not mean it is not true only that my mind, at present, cannot take it all in.

If throughout eternity we are to live in this way, it is only right we begin now. Don’t be sold a lie. Real men become themselves and find women who love them for it. They do not shape themselves with another human’s vision.

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