Know Jack #52

Great weekend in Oregon. The drive on I84 along the Columbia was mostly all new to me. I was enthralled with the scenery. Such a beautiful place. My destination was Glenn Otto Park in Troutsdale. Spent a part of Saturday afternoon there at the Oregon Bigfoot Conference. “Bobo Fay and Cliff Barackman from the television series, Finding Bigfoot answered questions for about an hour. I was able to pick up some useful information for a story I am working on at the moment.

The story is being written in hopes of being included in another anthology by Tiwaz Press to be out for Christmas this year. I am hoping they will also decide to use The Wallet that I have written about in the blog. This is a great story if I do say so…and I do. It’s still ghosts and Christmas, but with a bit of me not usually seen. 

Meanwhile, And Come Out Fighting earned another 5-star review on Amazon. I’ve said before that reviews, good and bad, are like gold to authors. It’s a real treat to write something and have a reader take time for his or her busy life to send their thoughts. Those thoughts are the true reward for writing but don’t get the wrong idea…writers like money too. To practice what I speak, I have spent some of my time today writing reviews of some of the places I visited over the weekend. 

I visited Koi Pond Cellars and Warehouse 23 across the river in Vancouver, Washington. Although the location is not where I would pick to go in search of Cajun Prawns and Andouille, it was a very good choice. However, their happy hour special salad with Southwest chipolte dressing was hotter by far. It was that way this weekend. If you don’t think of Pendleton, Oregon as a place to go for Thai food, start thinking that way. My blood sugar took a big hit, but the food at Thai Crystal was awesome. 

I also got my first real in-person look at Multnomah Falls. No wonder millions of people go there every year. It is spectacular! Posted some pictures of the falls on Facebook today, but pictures don’t do it justice. Amazing how something so beautiful can exist in such close proximity to a cesspool like Portland. It’s sometimes a short journey from the heights of God’s creation to the pits of it.

So, I’m climbing from blog to expression of literary brilliant in a single bound and getting back to work. 

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