The Colonel #2

  Does the end ever justify the means‭? 

     Honestly, it depends on how bad we want the object of our desires.‭ ‬Before the righteous stand to shout,‭ “Oh no, not me‭!” Let me pose a question. Have you‬ ever broken the speed limit when you are in a hurry? Yeah, thought so. Your end–to get somewhere on time is ready justification for the illegal means of doing so. But, it’s only speeding, right? Everybody does it. Nobody gets hurt…except when they do and they have to be scraped off the pavement.

‭     Let’s not be so petty though. Let’s think big. ‬If you could realize your lifelong dream by breaking one little law that nobody cares about anyway,‭ ‬would you do it‭? ‬It’s only a little law‭; ‬not even a felony.‭ ‬What if mayors and governors went on television and said,‭ ‬the law was written by racists and hate mongers so it’s okay to break it in our city?‭ ‬Would you break the law‭? ‬If so, you do believe the end does justify the means. 

    Therefore, I ask you to‭ ‬please be especially tolerant of the thieves and robbers you meet.‭ ‬Remember theft is only one law—right‭? ‬If it helps someone get ahead in life, it is okay, right?‭ None of us should care‬ whether the thief is caught or not.‭ Let‘s don‬’t even bother looking for him.‭ 

     When it comes to illegal immigration,‭ a great many ‬Americans are hypocrites. Illegal immigration is a cancer,‭ ‬not only on our country ‭ ‬but on the perpetrators as well.‭ ‬I hear about how law-abiding and descent the majority of illegal aliens are and I don’t doubt that to some it seems that way.‭ ‬The truth is that their entire life is a criminal enterprise. Their presence in this country is a crime.‭ ‬The fact that there are those who turn a blind eye to breaking immigration law is not justification for doing so.‭ ‬I am all for trying to help people get ahead.‭ ‬I’ve been trying to get ahead all my life.‭ ‬I would gladly share the American dream,‭ ‬but I’m opposed to being burglarized in my own home.

‭     For decades‬ the federal government has refused to enforce its own laws. Libtard dominated state legislatures foist on everyone the burden of paying for infrastructure to support life-long criminals and their children. Perhaps states loyal to the Union and willing to say‭ “‬no‭” ‬to illegal immigration should form a sanctuary for citizens and dare the liberals in California and New York to stop us.‭    

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