Know Jack #53

I consider myself extremely fortunate to possess a fertile imagination and the ability to write what I see. I sometimes wonder where would I be without the power to live in multiple worlds at the same time while maintaining the structural integrity and personality that define my body, soul, and spirit. These worlds are my worlds, sort of a cosmic playground. I am not boasting because none of this was of my own making. John the Baptist once said that a man can receive nothing except it is given to him from heaven. I believe that is true for everyone.

It’s a gift…and I say that with all humility because every person has a gift of his or her own. Yes, you do. You may have buried it under layers of career, family, husband, wife, doubt or fear, but it is there. It is important that you not neglect the gift that is within you. You are unique, the world…the Universe, for that matter needs your special contribution to the cosmos. You and your gift are that important. That is why the Creator put in inside you.

In ancient times, it was said, “if you got it…flaunt it.” In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if my scribbling on a page makes a best-seller list. What matters is that it is written…written in my voice and by my hand. There was a time I was nervous about putting what I wrote out where others could read it. Not anymore. Yeah, from now on, I’m going to flaunt it and have fun doing it. 

Take the time to flaunt your gift. Make time. Turn off the news, put down the phone, call in sick, forego a Sunday afternoon nap…spending time with your gift will be worth it. That is what you are here for, it’s what life is about and how you use your gift will ultimately define your attitudes, values, and beliefs about yourself and the universe in which you live.

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