Lost Crusader #6

The fool has said in his heart, There is no God.

Jesus cautioned his disciples against calling others fools. The reason for this is that while everyone, at some time or another, may act foolishly, a fool, in this context, is a term for a person without worth. I believe such a judgment must rest solely with God. Yet, there are at least a couple of reasons why such a verdict might be pronounced.

The first is reason. No, not faith…reason. The universe, as far as the human mind can go, makes no sense without God. C.S. Lewis has a wonderful apology for this in Mere Christianity. I do not have the time or space to develop that here, maybe another time. The crux of the argument is this…the universe requires a mind behind it. String theory, M theory, quantum physics can answer some of the “how” questions, but are rightfully silent about “why.” Scientific experiment and theory are not instruments of the ultimate “why.” Only reason can take you there and men have been reasoning about this since we looked up at the stars. “Modern” theories about the subject are rarely ever more than old theories that were tried and discarded. Thinkers are great recyclers.

The next reason is intellect. The preponderance of the evidence is for God. Which is astounding because God never tries to prove his existence. The Bible, that Christians say is the revelation of God to Man, begins simply, “In the beginning God…” there is no proof offered, no argument made. One either opens one’s mind to the possibility or not. Whatever happens from there is up to the reader. Humans have an amazing capacity to see or refuse to see the things they accept and those they reject. The intellectually honest look, test, reason, and decide with a minimum of feeling and a maximum of contemplation.

Finally, the fool operates, or at least tries to operate, in a vacuum. He has enthroned the self as the untouchable, arbitrary master, of the universe, solitary in his feelings, deeds, and values. This is diametrically opposed to the design of the Creator. We are not made solitary creatures, we are made for fellowship. Whatsoever virtue that exists in us and in our world can only be expressed in the context of fellowship with others. James, in addressing the subject of faith, challenged Christians to show him their faith without using a corresponding action, while he proclaimed I will show you my faith by the things I do. Faith, love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, and goodness, to channel the writer in me, are verbs…they are action words, not subjects to idly dream about. A life well-lived impacts not only one’s soul but every soul one encounters.

The conclusion is easy enough. The person without God is an island who has chosen to ignore reason, intellect, and virtue, in order to establish ego and self above all else. I can hear the whisper, “You will not surely die…you will be as gods.” Can that person live a good life, a life of worth? I don’t know and am totally unqualified to judge. But, there is that comment by the Spirit.

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