Know Jack #55

Jumping back into Lady in the Edge today after a bit of a break writing a couple of not-so-short stories that I hope to see in a Christmas anthology later this year. One of these is The Wallet that I have written about here a few times. I think is one of my best stories ever. The other is one I have written over a few days this month called Frost. It is a big step away from anything I’ve done before. I mixed Bigfoot, an abandoned dog, and Christmas into one very nice story about the Christmas spirit.

I didn’t post any pictures on Facebook as hints at the writing today. I didn’t think it would be appropriate since today’s chapters dealt with torture and rape. That’s not easy stuff to write, but the story demands it. I’ve got a despicable character that wants the readers to hate him. I read about a person like that in the bible today, a fellow by the name of Jehoram. He was a king, a descendant of David. It is said of him he departed (died) without being desired. That’s such a sad commentary on human life. That’s my guy in this story. I had to spend a couple of days after the Christmas stuff to get back on track with that kind of character.

Of course, not everyone thinks I am stepping beyond myself when I write about bad guys. Which is true enough, there are a bit of very bad characters in the best of us. The fortunate thing about writing is that I can step away from walking in the make-believe bad guys shoes and put my own back on. That’s the joy of writing and reading, we can be whomsoever we wish to be, go where we wish to go, and have every adventure we have always dreamed about and be home in time for dinner.      

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