Know Jack #56

“Diamonds Are Forever” was the theme of an advertising campaign by a chain jeweler years ago. The object was to project the rarity, beauty, and everlasting nature of diamonds onto the human condition. The saying lifted diamonds’ popularity in America and made a fortune for the company. 

Eternal romance, love, and commitment, already idealized in the minds of potential customers, were packaged and sold as being inherent in the gift of a precious stone. The effectiveness of the ad lay in a bit of truth that seemed to ring true…love is like a diamond.

People need to love and be loved. It is stamped in the human design and cannot be eradicated by reason, denial, or economy. That is why people look for love…and more specifically, someone to love and be loved by. To hear some tell it, the task of finding real love is impossible. This is not true, but finding love is akin to diamond hunting. I see three readily apparent difficulties in this process.

First of all, diamonds are rare and rarity is what makes them precious. While diamonds are just lying around waiting to be found, they are mixed with a lot of other not-so-precious gems and some downright worthless stones. Finding a diamond doesn’t happen very often. So, one must thoroughly consider the difficulty of the search, and if one’s true desire for a diamond or if something else will do. If one is sold on a diamond, he or she must be prepared for a long, sometimes labor-intensive search that might just end without finding a diamond at all.

Which brings us to the next difficulty. Natural diamonds do not look like the cut and polished stones in the jeweler’s window. They are dirty, lumpy pieces of glassy rock imitated by the quartz all around them. Women who can spot a perfect diamond across a crowded mall at a hundred yards will walk right passed a rough diamond in the dirt and never know it’s there. Aha, but, try a few likely looking rocks, scratch the surface and maybe, just maybe they will shine…like so much glass that they are. Sparkle alone does not a diamond make. If one should chance upon the real thing, remember even the best diamonds have flaws.

Finally, know that diamonds don’t reflect the gazer’s face…they shine from within. Every diamond reflects the light in its own way and cannot always be polished to suit the one who found them. Trying to change the stone’s shape and ability to catch and reflect light can mar the stone forever. The rough edges can be cut away, but the real beauty of the stone is the light inside not the shape it can be made to take. One can’t just hack away at the stone. If the cuts don’t enhance the light reflected inside, then, all is lost.

A diamond can be forever, but it doesn’t come easy…or cheap.       

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