Know Jack #57

I wrapped up Chapter 21 of Lady on the Edge today and I do have some Facebook clues to share including the one that inspired the story several months ago. I will be away from the computer for the next five days taking some time to go camping in the mountains. I am not quite sure what the therapeutic value of a campfire might be, so some research seems to be in order.

I am taking along a tablet to try and keep the wiring going forward. However, connections that will allow me to share what I am writing will be scarce and likely have to await my return to be posted. I’m not sure when the last time was that I actually slept in a tent, but it was long ago. I am looking forward to ending that drought tonight.

I was privileged to get to read my newest story to at a gathering on Saturday. I consider reading to others my work a special honor. Reviews were good and I hope the story will be included in Tiwaz Press’ new Christmas anthology. My stories seem to be pushing themselves off in multiple new directions all at once.

I am hoping the upcoming campfire and perhaps some wine will provide some new inspirations. I think I have one tale already in the queue. Wish me luck….I’m off to the mountains.

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