Know Jack #58

I’m back at work after four days camping on the backside of the Sawtooth range. I had the opportunity to get reacquainted with sleeping in a tent. It’s a little different with a mature prostate, but still a good time. We had a couple of ninety-degree summer days. We spent the biggest part of the day tubing down a small stretch of the creek and carrying the tubes back up to start all over again.

On Friday a brief thunderstorm set loose a slide about a half-mile upstream from our camp. The crystal clear creek, which is about twenty-five or thirty yards wide where we were camping became a mass of floating bits of pine seconds before the trees came tumbling down in the current. The mud that followed turn the creek into what looked like a torrent of dark chocolate. we were never in danger, but it was an impressive sight to behold. 

The nightly campfires were every bit as therapeutic as I imagined they would be and I was privileged to hear all the stories that went along with it. I definitely came away with a few I will embellish and turn into my own somewhere on down the road. Tomorrow I will try and post pictures of the trip on Facebook.

We have a Friday the 13th coming up this week. I am going to be spending Friday night behind bars at the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. I will be joining thirty-four other lucky souls for their Sleepless in Stripes program. We will tour the haunted prison by night to get a nice creepy buzz on, then, be locked up in one of the old cell blocks until morning. Check the blog Monday to see if I have to sleep alone or am joined by a spectral cellmate. 

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