The Colonel #6

Tomorrow is 9/11 and I suppose much will be made of the dangers the country faces fro radical Islam. I don’t worry much about irrational Islamic militants. They are an upfront threat to all who disagree and everybody knows it. That kind of confrontation is easy enough to deal with if you have a backbone. A greater threat to our peace and freedom is the quisling who calls our Constitution outdated, sits in Congress, and haunts the airways. These cowards steal freedom and think they are doing everyone a favor.

But, even these traitors to freedom are not much of a threat to thinking people. The trouble is that independent thought is vanishing from America faster than border security. This not just true about thinking regarding politics or government, but nearly every life function. It’s easy not to think these days…everyone has a little screen in his or her pocket to do that for them. The amazing part is that whatever the screen says is taken at face value and never questioned.

I might be a bit unusual. I like debate. Debate is a great teacher. If you’ve read my blog or are my friend on Facebook, you know I say things just to get people ticked off. It’s not that I enjoy making people angry, but I live with a perpetual hope that I can get people to think about things. I don’t care if they agree with me or not as long as it is evident they have given thought to what they believe and are not settling for life as a parrot.

In this country we have won, by the blood of our fellow citizens, the freedom to think, speak, and believe as we choose. It is a shame to squander such a precious opportunity to really live a life we have forged from within. Now, I don’t claim to be an original thinker. I don’t think there has been an original thought on this planet in centuries. In Solomon’s day there was nothing new under the sun and not that much has changed since then, especially where human behavior and thinking are concerned.

Which is only to say that it’s a good day to remember to be a living soul…not a sheep, a parrot, or a zombie, but a living, independent, unique creation. Our life is an empty canvas, a blank page…paint a picture, tell a story that no one else can. That is what freedom in America is all about. 

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