Know Jack #64

To what do you aspire? I dare say the most selfless soul among you has an unfulfilled desire. It need not be a great as world domination…it might be as simple as a kind word from a loved one. The point is not necessarily what we aspire to, only that we all, even those who see themselves as perfect, aspire to something, we all have goals.

How will you achieve your goal? I am always amazed at people who say, “If you cared about me, you’d know.” Leaving things to the unspoken guesswork of another person seems to be a ridiculous means of achieving anything at all, let alone our dreams. Is it any less ridiculous to do nothing and hope our dreams will fall out of the sky on our heads? People do both every day.

I’m almost certain if you have a Bucket List the best way to check the things on that list off is to plan to do them and be bold enough to follow through. I am equally certain that not everyone in your circle is on board with every item on the list. Does the fact that people don’t understand why you want to drive that big Harley up there in your room negate your desire to do so? No, not if you are serious about your aspirations.

So, there is no avoiding it…our aspirations can and do create disharmony. “Because I want to,” is generally not seen as reason enough to act on our dreams. People want an explanation they can understand. Which leads to another question. Do they deserve one? Everyone must make up his/her own mind about that…but, will you sacrifice peace and harmony if a reason does not exist? Will you steadfastly stick to your plan…hold on to your dreams? You rebel you…you’d let your desire for a kewpie doll endanger world peace?

Realistically, I doubt your kewpie doll is any more a threat to world peace than your desire to own it. You see, our aspirations, hopes, prayers, and beliefs are only as deadly as the condition of our heart. You say, “Tao,” and I say, “The Way.” It’s only when we impose our language on others that a threat to peace is born. has a thing where you can trace your DNA and explore your family tree. In case you are interested in my opinion…there is only one tree. We all spring from the same roots that burrow down into the same dirt. We all grow from the same trunk and though we sit on different branches, we are all capable of producing the same fruit…whether it is good or bad. 

The choice to achieve our hopes and dreams is ours and ours alone. Dreams come true take real, physical, mental, emotional and, spiritual effort to bring them to reality. Where will that effort come from? Within you, thoughts alone will not make it so, nor will hope, not even prayer, you are the catalyst. 

He that knows to do good and doesn’t do it, to him (and him alone) it is a sin.

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