Know Jack #65

Back to work on Lady on the Edge again today. I have had to go back and expand some of the opening chapters to get the characterization in line. It’s over 40,000 words and 60,000 may not hold it all. It will be the longest thing I’ve written to date. I’m doing about a thousand words a day so hope I can get it all in by the end of October. I will post some picture hints from today’s writing on Facebook today.

I submitted the first chapter of a story I started about a rougarou to my writing group to critique, but that won’t get done until December. Meanwhile, I thought of trying to get one more ghost story into the anthology at Tiwaz Press this year. Elaine, if you’re reading this, I will try and hurry but don’t wait…stick to the code.

I did open an author’s page on Goodreads today. Several of the people in my writer’s group are there. It’s as much about what you are reading as what you have written. If your a reader and need ideas on what to read, it’s a good place to look. I am slowly working my way through Justin Cronin’s The Passage right now. It’s competing with Aristotle’s Ethics and Homer’s The Odyssey. How I can be so crappy at multitasking and good at multi-reading is beyond me. I just go with it.

I’ve been taking advantage of all my free time in retirement to expand my cooking skills. Taking on a lot of vegetarian recipes. I made falafel with tiziki a while back. It was good enough to want to do it again. Last night was ribollita. It’s a day after recipe for minestrone. When people didn’t have enough minestrone left to feed everybody a second time, they added day-old bread to make the soup stretch…that’s ribollita. Been playing around with scones but that dangerous territory…I eat too many. Tonight is shrimp and grits with a little Irish Death to wash it down,

Have a tremendous Thursday. Keep reading and remember Amazon isn’t even close to selling out my books, so get out there and buy one.

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