No Girls Allowed #8

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.”

I am a believer in doing the best for the planet. However, you are not likely to find me tied to a tree to prevent someone from cutting it down, throwing blood on people wearing fur, or reporting you to the police for using a plastic straw. Like most important things in life, care for our planet must come from within a person’s heart and none of those things really change people’s hearts and mind. There is a very fundamental reason why men should care, with all their heart, about the health of the Earth.

In the Christian account of how the universe came into being, God spoke and things appeared in full bloom. So you chicken or the egg questioners…there’s your answer. God spoke, there was light. He spoke again, seas, and so on for five days. On the sixth day, God decided to create man. However, instead of saying, “Let there be man,” God scooped up some of the earth…just plain old dirt really. 

This is important, pay attention. From that dirt, God made man by hand. In doing so, men and the Earth became irrevocably linked. We are made of the same stuff as the ground we walk upon. We are the mountains that reach into the sky, we are the soil from which springs the green meadows, and we are the rocky cliffs holding back the sea. 

What happens to man has a direct bearing on the earth from which he was formed. When man chose to ignore God’s word and was cursed, the earth was cursed right along with him. From that point on, to eat, a man had to plow, plant, and work the ground, it no longer just yielded up its bounty. Thorns and thistles appeared because the ground could no longer nourish the plants that grew. The pattern continues today. The more wasteful and destructive we are, the more unnatural chemicals we produce, the more layers we scrape away, the sicker our planet becomes and carries us right along with it.

Care for the Earth is self-care. Just as God gave a command for man to rest, God gave instructions for letting the earth rest and for the same reason…we are more productive over the long haul with adequate rest and proper care. I know there are people who are unmoved by the sight of squalor, but that’s not the way we are meant to live. Why subject the earth to it? Be a real man, pick up the trash others leave at your favorite fishing hole, pack it in/pack it out, take only what you need and need little. 

We are not the world…we are the Earth.

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