Know Jack #68

This week I posted with a few groups I follow on Facebook asking for people’s stories of paranormal events from their lives. I want to make the offer here too. I have two goals in mind a book of actual encounters in sort of an “as told to” format and a book of “based on the true story” where I can embellish stories people send.

I am working on once such “based on a true story” account right now. It’s a fascinating ghostly encounter from Oklahoma’s past. I heard this one from folks with a family history from the Ardmore area. I hope to get it done in time for a Christmas anthology. Tonight is free-write night at my author’s group so I hope to make some progress on the first rewrite.

I am still working on Lady on the Edge. It has reached 43,000 words. I need to do a few tweaks to a new section I added and tie it back into the original story after making my antagonist a bit more despicable. Really hope to wrap up the first draft by Halloween because I have a new idea for a book waiting in the wings for NaNoWriMo…that stands for National Novel Writing Month, a challenge in which writers try to write a novel in the thirty-one days of November.

On a side note, I have decided to take some French refresher lessons. It’s hard to believe that in high school I read Albert Camus’ The Stranger in French. It’s hard to believe because today I wouldn’t read Camus on a bet…boring. I still can’t always tell what my French Facebook friends are saying, but I’m getting better.

I hope to post some picture hints from Lady on the Edge tomorrow since I’ve run out of time today. Wednesday nights are generally for Writer’s Bloc, a writer’s group I belong to that meets at the Meridian Library and I have to get changed. 

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