Know Jack #71

I didn’t get much writing done today. It daylight gets later every day and I need that little bit of sun to warm things up in the morning. I got back from my walk (up to three miles now), in time to shower and head on over to the airport in Nampa and the Warhawks Museum. The first Tuesday of each month the host Kilroy’s Coffee Klatch, the largest monthly gathering of veterans in Idaho. 

There were at least a dozen WWII vets there today…I salute you all. Coffee, donuts, cookies, and vets, can’t beat that. Well actually, you can. Admission to the museum for the Coffee Klatch attendees is free. There’s too much to see in one day so I will definitely be going back next month. The museum does video recordings of every veteran’s experience as a living record of America’s fighting men and women.

I posted some pictures of a few exhibits on Facebook, so check out my page for a quick look. If you’re a vet in Idaho, or in the neighborhood on the first Tuesday of the month stop in, coffee’s on the house. 

I found it amusing and a bit sad that the Viet Nam section had a small display reminding us of the shameful antics of John Kerry as a protestor and, who could forget Hanoi Jane? I promise you veterans of that day will never forget her. Below is a picture of a group of guys taken in-country in Viet Nam. These were the dreaded baby killers Kerry and Jane were so up in arms about. Hell, they were little more than babies themselves. 

I can’t speak for others, but no amount of “Thank you for your service.” Will ever erase from my mind the actions of my peers during that war. That generation is dominant in Congress today which may explain the mess our government is making of this country. I suppose not knowing which side you were on in the ’60s and ’70s is an apt precursor to not knowing which bathroom to use or whether you are male or female. Just saying.

There is one consolation for the Viet Nam vet…knowing we had the best damn soundtrack of any war ever.

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