Know Jack #76

I had an awesome idea this morning…at least I hope it’s awesome because I’m going to lay aside my work on my novel to enjoy this little exercise in writing shenanigans. The plan is to post blogs from everyone at the Raven and Owl Pub on the same theme on the same day. Can I do it? We’ll see. May I do it…hey, it’s my blog and my time. Am I going to try it? Yep, here goes.

The inspiration came from a friend who was telling me about a Facebook “discussion” that somehow involved the subject of men hitting women. I don’t know anything about the discussion but the subject set up a flair. So, this is kind of a rescue operation. Like most such operations, this one carries a real chance of danger. The path is strewn with land mines that require an extremely light touch to set them off.

Personally, I think 99.9% of people today have not really thought about this subject. I know it’s front page stuff on Facebook and on the tongue of men’s and women’s groups everywhere. Notice, however, I said think about it…not talk about it. By approaching from different angles I hope to think rationally about the subject and thus guarantee I am about to stir up every person I know and most I don’t know. Yeah, I love doing that…I think its a writer’s number one job.

Okay, so that’s the premise of this little foray into no-man’s land. (Pun intended.) Now, for my turn in the hot seat.

I’m a toxic male. Let’s get that out of the way. By that I mean my father taught me what it means to be a man. There were rules for that in his day and he handed them to me. But he didn’t write these rules on a sheet of paper, or in a blog…he wrote them on his life for me to see. My dad was a quiet man. He was opinionated, yet accepting. He was slow to anger and an explosive force when pushed too far.  

His rule was: boys don’t hit girls and men, sure as hell, don’t hit women. Period. I find it a bit ironic that women who complain the loudest about archaic attitudes in men, unanimously support this rule. But, it is my personal opinion that women who do this have a unique talent for speaking out of both sides of their mouths in the same breath…so, all is as it should be.

Let me clarify here. I am not saying women who support the rule are wrong in any way. I am saying, in man-think, it is hypocritical to pronounce that you wish to be treated like a man…up until the point that it might actually happen. I won’t say more because Adam is going there. You see there is a corollary to the rule my father taught me…men are men, and women are women and you treat each accordingly. All you non-binary folks are leaving the choice up to me, so a word of advice…bob and weave, bob and weave.

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