The Colonel #7

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”

Some would have us to believe that because this truth was not in full operation at the time of this declaration was writing, that it is somehow invalid or tainted. Nothing can be further from the truth. That is akin to saying a college degree is invalid or worthless because the student did not possess the full knowledge and skill required from the outset. To achieve a goal that one believes in or desires, the goal must be higher than that person can presently reach.

Full and unequivocal equality is a goal no honest person has attained. Don’t believe me? Your ship has been sunk far out to sea. You have a bit of debris that will support you and one other person…who do you save, your child (lover, friend, parent) or the stranger beside you? Remember all things and people are equal. As Orwell’s pigs would say, “Some are more equal than others.” So climb down off your ivory tower, take off those rose-colored glasses, and get a good look at the world. 

People are equal, if not entirely in our minds, in the mind and heart of God. We are not carbon copies of one another. We are all different in some way, but each is of equal worth to the One who made us. If you don’t believe in a Creator, what do you care about equality?

Those who clamor for diversity are correct in saying differences should be celebrated and honored. They are mistaken when they think to erase the differences they don’t like. While it is true that differences lend themselves to preferences, our differences are rarely “social constructs” that people have made up to oppress others. 

Old folks like me are full of sayings we heard as children have experimented with and kept. One of my personal favorites is,”Birds of a feather flock together.” My children were often given to wonder how I knew what they were doing. I was quick to confess that I didn’t need to see them do anything…all I had to know is what their friends were up to.

Or as the Bible says, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” Bible-speak communication and conversation had more to do with a person’s entire way of life than what they said. Similarly, manners tend to encompass the manner of one’s life.

Could it be possible then that no blacks are nominated for Oscars because people preferred the white actors and actress performances that year rather than it being a white nationalist plot? Or could it be Congressmen fuming about the fact that the word “woman” is found nowhere in the Constitution be nothing more than pandering to women rather than a white male cabal among the Framers? That’s not diversity…that’s bigotry in action.  

People today are also mistaken about what constitutes a celebration of diversity. It’s certainly not garish parades, sign toting rallies, alteration of language, or forced legal recognition. Diversity is celebrated within the heart. It is an attitude of value and acceptance derived from conscious thought and action.

I’ve got to come to the point here. Do women really want to be treated like men? Do they want to fight like a man? Or want a man to fight them as if he were fighting another man? Do women want men to speak to them as they do other men? I don’t believe it, not for a second. And so, men should not do so. Men should treat women as equal partners they are and always treat them as women.

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