Lost Crusader #13

A friend asked that I explain something I told her about Adam and Eve and the way the whole tree thing went down. She was feeling a bit concerned that most human thinking lays the blame for sin on Eve. She didn’t think this fair, nor do I and that thinking is biblically incorrect. 

So here goes a quick condensed version of what happened. Eve, rather than avoiding the tree, was standing by the tree scoping it out because it looked good. I’m not sure how she decided it looked like it could make you wise, but I wasn’t there so I’ll take the Bible’s word for what she was thinking at the time. Satan chose that moment to engage Eve in conversation. 

I’ll pause here to tell you that the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth are three different things. Think about that a minute. It’s not an easy concept for everybody, especially very concrete thinkers. Good lawyers are experts in separating the three to prove a point. They are not necessarily dishonest as some suppose it’s just that they ask questions to elicit a version of the truth they wish to present. That is, they allow only enough truth to make their point even though there may be more to the truth. It’s very easy to do when the witness is only allowed to answer yes or no. 

Satan did the same with Eve. He told her enough truth to make her comfortable with what he was saying, but he fell short of telling her the whole truth. She recognized the bit of truth he was selling because she already knew the whole truth, so there was a bit of ground for an agreement that threw her off guard. Then, came two huge lies. 

The first lie was, (I’m paraphrasing here) God is holding out on you because He knows that the day you eat this fruit you will be as gods and have the power to decide for yourself what constitutes good and what constitutes evil. No more taking orders from God. The second lie was, God is lying to you…you will not die if you eat it. 

So, as Paul would later write, Eve was deceived. Adam did not have that excuse. He not only knew the truth, but he could see what happened to Eve. He could easily have told God, the woman you gave me (his own words after the fact) is defective, she ate the fruit and now I need a new one. Instead, he went along…was it love? Loyalty? Foolishness? Or did the change in her seem godlike and he wanted to be as a god too?

I don’t know the answer to those questions. I do know he was not deceived about what was going on. What followed was an act of pure rebellion as blatant as that of the Lucifer. Which drew the same reaction from God. After all, God is no respecter of persons. Adam, in exercising his free will, chose to be his own god rather than serve God. He thus became a twisted version of the original creation…just like the angel before him.

From there everything went downhill. The woman, the man, and finally the earth and its creatures were cursed…each would have to live with the results of a new twisted mankind’s dominion over the planet’s affairs. There is not a problem in this world today that is not the result of mankind trying to be as gods.

The good news is, unlike in the case of Lucifer, God decided to have mercy on mankind. He had already provided an “out” for men…a propitiatory death to answer God’s pronouncement that “In the day you eat thereof, you will surely die.” God died in man’s place, came back to life again, and said that we could share in the resurrection and inherit the eternal life we were meant to live.

So, ladies relax. Eve was tricked, but Adam willfully and deliberately did the same thing she did. This is my personal theology, so take it with a grain of salt…it was Adam’s action, not Eve’s that God sacrificed Christ for.

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