Know Jack #81

What is in a touch? It is nothing but one set of keratinized, dead, nerveless cells that meets another mass of the same lifeless cells. One person’s barrier to the world rests against the barrier on yet another person. One flesh meets another and passes on its way. There is no magic, just the bumping together of random collections of amino acids formed into skin, fat, and nerve cells.

Except in that moment of skin meeting skin, a miracle happens. The universe takes on meaning for in those cells lies the soul…and the meeting of souls is a gift from God. Human touch imparts courage to the fearful; comfort to the sick; faith to the hopeless in fans the flames of life in the spirit. This strange collision of skin is full of mercy, hope, and love in which one living being reaches out for another. Words cannot banish worry, but arms wrapped around a troubled soul can. Touch says things words can never say, it conveys feelings words may hide.

There exists within every being wrapped in skin something apart from flesh and blood. It is something eternal; something of the divine that inhabits the very least of us. Who has held a baby and not felt a new life? Who has embraced and not felt love? Or who has laid a hand on the dead and not felt an empty shell devoid of life and spirit?

Telephones don’t reach out—hands do and through them, souls touch one another. To touch one another is why we exist. We were made to touch both man and God. Touch someone today, say something without words. Breathe, feel, touch…live.

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