The Colonel #10

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan

Back when the Greatest Generation was being told there was nothing to fear but fear itself and were busy saving the world from tyranny, no one was watching the home front. The destruction of our freedoms Germany and Japan could not affect on the battlefield was quietly parading down Main Street USA. The boot on our neck today is not a Nazi combat boot, it is that of our own government.

The institution of government agencies as part and parcel of the New Deal were the opening shots in a battle to destroy the Constitution. In the creation of these agencies our government, the sworn protectors of the Constitution, handed to unelected czars the power to regulate every facet of American life with impunity.

John Locke, philosopher and political guru for the framers of the Constitution, wrote that the legislature can make laws but it cannot make legislators…which is exactly what Congress has done by granting bureaucrats the power to make rules and regulations that bind the people of this country. Instead of this action being stopped by the Supreme Court as the Constitution demanded, the Court joined the fight against freedom. They decided to defer to government bureaucrats in the interpretation of regulations those same quasi-legislators dreamed up.

So today we live with regulatory agencies like the SEC, FAA, TSA, TSB and all the rest of the alphabet writing their own rules (that have the force of law), interpreting those rules for themselves (without courts deciding validity) and then enforcing those rules with fines and imprisonment.

This comes in very handy when the Department of Education wants to march your children into thirteen years of government-funded indoctrination. A bit of irony in that for me because the same people manning the system today were marching in the streets against it as young adults. Irony or hypocrisy…I still haven’t decided which it is…maybe both?

Just one more touch of the irony. Rule by a government agency was exactly the kind of government American’s revolted against in 1776. Sort of reminds me of Orwell’s pigs, how about you? 

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