Know Jack #91

Lady on the Edge is done…well the first draft anyway. There’s a long way to go before it sees print and the big screen. I love it when a plan comes together. Next comes listening to it being read to see how it flows, throwing out the dross, refining what works, making sure the structure is sound and scenes consistent. But first, it has to age a little while I do something else so I can come back with a fresh, more objective look at it.

After that, an agent or an editor will pick it apart and tell me to fix it. That will go on for God only knows how long, until finally everybody gives out and says, “Print it.” There is easily another year in the process before talking about publishing it begins. By that time it won’t even be called Lady on the Edge. In fact, this blog is the only place I call it that…in my everyday chatter it’s the castle story.

For all of that, completing the first draft is still a big deal. So, there will be a quick celebration tonight before I move on to the mermaid story and the break-neck pace of writing a novel in a month. Which really should be my everyday pace…but I’m retired you know. If I spend that much time writing, someone is going to have to drink my share of the wine being grow around the world and I can’t lay that kind of burden on somebody else.

Finished out the day by writing a little story to submit to Madness Heart Press called Roux Garou. They are doing an anthology of Ghastly Gastronomy. Hopefully, they will like my little twist on the bayou creature’s name and how I got there.

Tune in tomorrow when you’ll hear Grandpa say, “Hey, come here. Pull my finger.”

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